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Product Information:
With manual activation, the easyONE transmits a full AIS MOB emergency message. This contains the individual unit ID, current GPS position, as well as COG and SOG of the victim. Because the unit ID starts with "972...", each AIS receiver within range of 7 to 8 nautical miles (bad conditions and height of receiving antenna may lower range) identifies this emergency message. The connected chart plotter or PC screen will display the official MOB symbol (red X with red circle). This unit is still awaiting FCC approval and is not currently for sale in the US.
Product Dimensions:
Height(mm): 168
Height(cm): 16.8
Height(inch): 6.61
Height(feet): 0.55

Width(mm): 48
Width(cm): 4.8
Width(inch): 1.89
Width(feet): 0.16

Length(mm): 27
Length(cm): 2.7
Length(inch): 1.06
Length(feet): 0.09

Weight(lb): 0.26
Weight(kg): 0.12
Weight(gr): 120
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