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AIS MOB Alerts
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PLEASE NOTE: This unit is designed to be integrated into an inflatable PFD ONLY. It is not to be used outside an inflatable PFD or on any other non-inflatable PFD (foam vest, float coat, etc..)
Product Information:
The easyRESCUE A040-PRO is a fully approved AIS S.A.R.T. with manual, water, and magnetic ripcord activation and a long antenna. The A040-PROtransmits an emergency AIS-S.A.R.T. sentence which triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters / PC’s within range, along with the GPS coordinates of the life raft or MOB in distress. The A040-PRO also transmits a DSC (Digital Selective Calling) message over a closed loop for a pre-programmed period of time. If the DSC message is not acknowledged, it will begin to transmit on an open loop. Appropriate for use with a person or a life raft. This unit is designed to be mounted inside an inflatable PFD. This unit is still awaiting FCC approval and is not currently for sale in the US.
Product Dimensions:
Height(mm): 139.7
Height(cm): 13.97
Height(inch): 5.5
Height(feet): 0.46

Width(mm): 31.75
Width(cm): 3.18
Width(inch): 1.25
Width(feet): 0.1

Length(mm): 76.2
Length(cm): 7.62
Length(inch): 3
Length(feet): 0.25

Weight(lb): 0.57
Weight(kg): 0.26
Weight(gr): 258.55
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