The new easyONE-DSCCL-M from Weather-dock is an AIS/DSC MOB transponder for more safety and 100% fun at water-sports!

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The easyONE-DSC-CL unit from Weather-dock is a combined AIS MOB/DSC Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD). This unit is purely manual activation and would not be considered as an effective MOB SART. The easyONE DSC-CL-M is designed for the private sector to be kept on board in the event of emergency.


The easyONE can be attached to the body via the cord, or held above the water to maximize transmission.


Upon activation of the easyONE it has the ability to transmit a closed loop message back to 8 programmable MMSI numbers. This technology alerts the home vessel immediately.


The easyONE transmits the DSC distress call immediately upon activation. At the same time the easyONE begins tracking the MOB via AIS technology and will transmit GPS coordinates as well as a MOB alert back to all AIS equipped vessels within range.

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