Markus SCN10-1100E Evacuation Net


Used as a scramble-net or emergency ladder. Suitable for docks, platforms, and boats/vessels with a fixing length no greater than 9.5 meters.

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The Markus Evacuation scramble nets type SCN EX are designed to be installed on offshore vessels and platforms. They extend for freeboard from 10 m (33‘) to 40 m (133‘) as an addition for a SOLAS evacuation.  Also, the SCN EX type is made to the specification of the provided information sheets (pages 1 to 4 ).  And, they are designed for relevant items in ISO 19898 2019 Means of recovery of persons from water and the Markus ISO 9001 2015 Quality standard.  That standard allows Markus to develop and manufacture lifesaving equipment for the marine industry.  The standard also allows Markus to issue certificates of conformity to our specifications.

All products in this series are tailor made to specifics of the vessel in question and therefore based on the information as provided by the customer. The acceptance of the national marine administration or the notifying body on their behalf is the responsibility of the customer.

The SCN EX type is made in the widths (horizontal) and lengths (vertical) as described in the attached data sheet to the choice of the customer.  The choice should take into account possible 20° listing of a vessel as applicable.  The customer can also select from either fastening and storage inside a handrail, at the deck edge, or outside a rail on a dedicated platform.

Detailed construction drawings and instructions are available.

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