MS.00 Sailing Rescue Net


Markusnet types MS.00 is for hoisting one person by light hoisting system.

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Designed for use on small deck boats such as sailing yachts with no strong railing. Also, suitable for rescue boats with light boom and winch for hoisting minimum 500 kg or block and tackle 1:4

The Markusnet MS.00 is without lifting lines, but instead comes with a 14 meter long attachment line “A” with 3 knots at the end attached to the front end hoisting strap. The net also includes a 25m long buoyant throw-line packed in throw-bag equipped with chest loop is attached to the outer end.

This Markusnet comes packed standard in a white pvc/polyester fabric bag with two fastening straps and buckles at the back.

Size in cm: L65xH40xW12
Total weight: 6 kg

Product no. 1 150 010Y

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 11 × 27 in


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