“Rescue Me” W402 VHF Reciever


The “Rescue Me” W402 VHF Receiver is designed to be used with the W400 MOB device, and will alarm in the event of a MOB situation.

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“Rescue Me” W402 VHF Reciever is the natural complement of the W400 MOB system. The reciever can detect the radio signals  (121.5mhz) emitted by all devices made in accordance with the technical standard EN 302 961 (ex EN 300 152).

In the event that a W400 device or another 121.5mhz MOB device is activated within range, the W402 alerts the crew by sounding the alarm signal from the integrated siren.

Sophisticated software algorithm is included to avoid false alarms in case of unwanted signals.

The W402 has a receiver integrated interface for connecting a external alert repeater, which then can be positioned more points of the vessel.


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