The W400 SART is a water activated MOB device equipped with 121.5mhz alerting capabilities.

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W400 SART Function

The Wamblee W400 applies easily to inflatable lifejacket through the removable bracket or using a textile hook. Should the wearer fall into the sea, the W400 starts working automatically upon water contact thanks to the sea-sensors situated on the rear of the device, and it transmits a radio signal that can be used to locate the shipwrecked person.

The W400 emits a radio signal at the international distress frequency of 121.5 MHz, which can be received by the W402 on-board receiver, and by any alerted SAR units. The batteries supplied with the device ( three LiMn02 3-volt batteries] have a guarantee life of 2 years (in normal weather conditions] and can be replaced directly by the user. The W400 is an extremely easy-to-use device, and thanks to its ergonomic design and the shape of its controls, can be easily activated even if the user is wearing gloves and/or protective gear.

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Dimensions 125 × 65 × 25 in


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