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AIS Man Overboard Alerts

AIS Man overboard alerts are the first step in creating an all inclusive man overboard rescue plan. The MOB cannot be rescued if their location is unknown, Therefore, location should be the first step in any MOB rescue.

An AIS SART is a rescue transmitter that has successfully passed all 35 tests required by the International Maritime Organization IMO for SOLAS certification, and only devices with the SOLAS symbolmay be designated as AIS SART.

An AIS SART must have a higher transmission power than an AIS MOB (at least 3 watts), and a significantly longer battery power (at least 96 hours at -20 ° C). In addition, “buoyancy without buoyancy aid”, “resistance to oil, UV radiation, salt water and impact on water from great heights” play an important role in SOLAS certification – along with many other test scenarios.