Guidance for Choosing a Rescue Net

We Supply two Solutions:


  • Markus LifeNet
  • Jason’s Cradle


We encourage prospects to evaluate a rescue net on the following:


  • Vertical length (Should be based on attachment length/freeboard): The freeboard/attachment length is the vertical distance from where the net is fastened on the vessel down to the water line. Nets should be 1.5 meters to 2 meters (60 to 80 inches) longer than the freeboard. This is to provide an easier first step from within the water, and provide enough length to use as par buckle.
  • Width: We recommend at least 120 cm (4 feet wide). We recommend a wider net where possible. A wider rescue net is preferable for lifting injured persons with possible back, neck or head injury. In addition a wider net will provide more room and strength to allow for persons to use the net as an emergency ladder.
  • Flexibility of use during different rescue scenarios. Can the net be used as an emergency ladder, scramble net, or a rescue cradle (par buckle)? Can the net be manually deployed?
  • Breaking strength
  • Weight: The lighter the net, the easier it will be to manually deploy by one to four persons, without the use of a crane or davits
  • Stowage room required. Typically a net that can be stowed away from the elements will provide a better long term investment.