Direction Finders/Receivers

In 1996, RHOTHETA introduced its RT-200 CrewFinder direction finder, a completely automatic direction finder for use in high sea states. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS), Germany’s leading SAR organization, immediately chose this system for its fleet. Working together with our customers, we have constantly enhanced this direction finder and its functionality and are now marketing the fourth generation of the RT-200/202 system family. Today several thousand systems are in use worldwide.

In 1997, RHOTHETA launched the RT-100 Emergency Receiver (also known as the “CrewGuard”) due to popular demand for a receiver to monitor the international emergency frequency 121.500 MHz and trigger alarms in the event of an incident. At roughly the same time, we were receiving frequent requests for a direction finder system for SAR helicopters and winged aircraft. The operators of such aircraft require all civilian and military emergency frequencies as well as the Cospars-Sarsat frequency 406.028 MHz.