About Us

About Us

Our Company Story


MRT was founded in Sebastian, FL by one man, a single product and a focus on offshore safety.

Our founder, Michael Ritchie, met David Marshall (inventor) through a mutual friendship. David Marshall, had designed the first ever PLB after his son was lost at sea, and was looking to expand his offering into the US and Canadian market. This became the business and focus for a couple years. Michael soon realized the PLB was not the only piece of the puzzle to man overboard (MOB) recovery. As the business grew, so did our product line. Within a few years MRT became a leading distributor of man overboard equipment from all over the world. Specializing in locating and retrieving people from the water, our offerings include(d) the highest quality marine safety and rescue systems available. We focus on reliability, with SOLAS approved, IMO and ATEX compliant solutions to meet the requirements of the commercial offshore industry.


In response to multiple customer inquiries, and in our second phase of ongoing evolution, MRT introduced offshore POB and Muster systems for a better way of managing the safety of personnel in industrial sites. With each site survey and through interviews with offshore workers, we created a specification that offered end users a clear alternative and superior solution to existing POB system providers. The design objectives for Auto Crew Management System (ACMS) were clear, web based, holistic in approach, non-proprietary hardware, and open architecture for true interoperability. Our design team proudly introduced multiple first-ever features to the automatic POB/Muster market, including bunk management, multilingual interface, certificate tracking and permit to work.

The ACMS segment of MRT’s business continues to this day.


Since the very beginning, MRT has focused on safety and communication. In 2017 our business had the opportunity to expand to the onshore markets, and partner with some of the World’s innovation and tech leaders. We applied nearly 20 years of know-how in the emergency response world and created a comprehensive automated cloud-based solution for tracing, notifications and interactive response, labeled as Automated Cloud Notification System (ACNS) – one of the most comprehensive business communications platforms for endpoint interaction and engagement.

2020/2021 – PHASE NOW – Our Future

Nearly twenty years later from distributing our first MOB rescue beacon, MRT has grown into a successful software startup, rapidly expanding its team and offering communication and safety solutions for COVID-19 pandemic, severe weather, mass shooter events, appointment reminders and bill pay for patients.

Our solutions are constantly evolving to ensure your customers, patients, employees and communities stay safe, informed and connected through smart communication solutions. MRT offers solutions to flexibly adapt to this changing way of life. With HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions, we’re able to meet specific global challenges in health and human services.