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At the top of the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM-LV-ATEX there is a magnetic switch with a ripcord. If the ripcord is pulled, the switch is dissolved from the device, an the automatically activation function starts. After activation, the easyRESCUE transmits an emergency AIS S.A.R.T message which triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters/PC’s within range, including the current GPS position of the victim. The emergency message is repeated several times per minute. It enables all vessels within range to assist with the rescue if they have an AIS receiver or an AIS transceiver. The LV designation pertains to the right angle hinge on the antenna; designed for specific PFD use.

What do I need to run the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM-ATEX?

The usage of the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM needs no additional devices. Appropriate for use with a person or a life raft. This unit is designed to be mounted inside a Besto, Mullion or ISP inflatable PFD. This unit is rated Zone 2 intrinsically safe.



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