Markus SCN6-250B Rescue Net


The Markus SCN6-250 scramble net is designed for use on man overboard (MOB) Rescue Boats with a fixing length no greater than 1.5m.

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Markus SCN6-250 Scramble Net

The Markus SCN6-250 Scramble net is designed to retrieve a MOB, either by enabling a conscious MOB to climb aboard, or an unconscious MOB to be rolled par buckle onboard in the SOLAS preferred horizontal position.

This net is 2.5 meters long and would be suitable for a freeboard fixing length of no more than 1-1.5m.

The SCN6 series are 6 rungs wide or (120cm~4ft)

Comes packed in a BLACK PVC / Polyester fabric storage bag.

Easy fastening with 7 buckles to rail or with available link pipe.
Fastened at a height that allows at least 1 to 1.5 meters of it in the water, when in lowered position.

Markus Scramble nets adhere to the new SOLAS standard (III/-17) for the retrieval of persons in the water. This standard will soon affect most operations; SOLAS vessels, passenger vessels, commercial vessels carrying more than 12 persons, and including FRCs (Fast Rescue Craft).

Each net must extend into the water by 1 to 1.5 meters in order to be effective and meet the new SOLAS standards for retrieval of persons in the water.

SCN6 in action

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 125 × 25 × 5 in


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